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There is something very special about Fuerteventura, visitors to this wonderful " Get away from it all Island", come back time and time again. There are at least 152 stretches of of golden sand surrounding this dry Arid Rock, privacy is not a problem.

Fuerteventura, is one of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. It is situated at 28°20' north, 14°00' west.

The elongated island has an area of 1660 km². The island is 230 km long from and 31 km wide.
The island is widely believed to be the oldest of the Canary Islands. Its strange form was created out of a series of volcanic eruptions many thousands of years ago. The island is on the same latitude as Florida and Mexico and temperatures here rarely fall below 18°C or rise above 24°C. There are no fewer than 152 beaches along its coastline - 50 kilometres of fine, white sand and some 25 kilometres of black volcanic shingle.

 Fuerteventura is in the Canary Islands and measures 210 kilometres from one end to the other. It is outstanding for its magnificent white sand beaches and for the bright sun that shines all year round. It is an essential destination for wind surfing and scuba diving lovers. Here you will find unforgettable spots.

If you want to enjoy broad, clean beaches, washed by turquoise waters, then Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, is for you. There are more than 152 beaches in the north and south of the island, spread over 340 kilometres of coastline. Meanwhile, on the east coast you will find cliffs and small, hidden coves. 

Their shallow, crystal clear waters are ideal for water sports: sailing, water skiing, surfing, fishing... and, above all, windsurfing: the island now has an important place on the windsurfing World Cup circuit.

 There is a long list of beaches where you can practise this sport: Corralejo, Cotillo, Jandía, Caleta de Fuste, Cofete,this is also the case for scuba diving.

 Fuerteventura is an ideal destination for diving fans, thanks to the crevices, caves, tunnels, overhangs and rock formations to be found on its ocean beds. Here you can go on outings that are sure to leave good memories behind.

                                                                                                                                Its excellent climate, sandy beaches with dunes, stunning natural beauty and modern infrastructure make Fuerteventura a privileged destination for tourists. 

On the Jandía peninsula, in the south, you will find the majority of hotel complexes, with a full range of facilities. However, if you prefer a more rural atmosphere, head for the inland villages, beautiful spots where you can enjoy peace and quiet. The best way to get around the interior is renting a car. There are many rental companies to be found all over Fuerteventura. Otherwise, you can also get around by bicycle or motorbike. The main towns are also linked by regular guaguas (buses).

A good way to discover the island's most unusual spots is exploring the tracks and trails that criss-cross the island. Some are dirt tracks, others are paved, and they will take you into the heart of the countryside. This is true of Mount Tindaya, the island's "Sacred Mountain", and the Betancuria Nature Reserve, the island's largest protected nature area. On the coast, don't miss the broad beaches of Corralejo, the unspoilt dunes of Jandía, and the coastal flavour of villages like Ajuy and El Cotillo.

The island's artistic and cultural heritage can be seen in the old town of Betancuria. One of the most unusual things in Fuerteventura are its windmills, which you can see at various different places around the island. Be sure to try delicacies like the local cheese and dishes prepared with goat's meat.
Fuerteventura airport is five kilometres from Puerto del Rosario, with services by airlines from many different countries. The island also has scheduled boat and ferry services to the rest of the archipelago, departing from Puerto del Rosario, La Oliva and Pájara.



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